About the Film Song of the Sun


is a documentary film for our time, taking place at the edge of evolution. As major structures and systems of our world break down, and our planetary fever rises, we stand on the brink. It is our estrangement from the natural, more-than-human world that has brought us to this point. The ecological emergency of our time is demanding an urgent response from humanity--a profound shift in perception.

We are being called to remember our place in the universe, to participate at deeper levels in the re-balancing and healing of our planetary home. We are being asked to dig deep into a full-bodied awareness of the unity of life. is a movie that re-awakens this consciousness—a unified consciousness, a deep ecological awareness— one that re-enchants the world.

A film for this moment of Ecological peril

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is a call back to our senses: a call to the human heart and imagination at this pulsating edge of evolution, where modern science, mysticism and indigenous mind converge. It extols our human capacity, in the face of adversity, to rise, re-envision and transform.

models the very consciousness it seeks to energize.

“Our responsibility to the Earth is not simply to preserve it, it is to be present to the Earth in its next sequence of transformations. While we were unknowingly carried through the evolutionary process in former centuries, the time has come when we must in some sense guide and energize the process ourselves”
Thomas Berry, Cultural Historian, Eco-Theologian


The film's evocative visuals awaken our memories of a greater family and ultimately our responsibility within that greater family. It calls us to our personal stories and visions that not only link us to the world, but have the capacity to re-create it.

We all have a song of the sun--a story or experience where we have felt a special union with the natural world--a deeper sense of belonging.

"I believe if we all rediscovered our childhood, we would be aware of divine grace, moments when we were aware of being the substratum of the universe, and of the universe being a magical field for our delights and our energies."
Andrew Harvey

There are many documentaries that give us the sobering ecological facts and dire predictions.

But the magnitude of this ecological emergency demands something more and deeper—a confrontation of the very root of our cultural malaise— the sense of "separation" from something greater than self, a sense of emptiness or purposelessness, and despair. This spiritual/emotional void drives an excessive materialism and results in the blind plundering of earth’s natural resources.

Touching the Emotional and Instinctual Centers, Re-Enchanting the World

Cultural historian and philosopher, Richard Tarnas, in his book Cosmos and Psyche, describes the human yearning for integration, for a deeper sense of belonging in the universe. He speaks from an emerging worldview that recognizes “the pivotal role of the imagination in mediating all human experience and knowledge” and “an increased awareness of the depth, power, and complexity of the unconscious.”

as a film aims to impact this deeper level of the human psyche, the unconscious mind, the older levels of the brain—the emotional and instinctual centers that have a survival and intuitive wisdom that surpasses our conscious, culturally-conditioned mind.

Universum- old woodcut of a primitive view of the cosmosThis depth is best accessed through images—images that challenge our fragmented view—images that expose false boundaries and connect seemingly disparate parts of our world.

The movie, feeds and nourishes us with images, music and poetic language that open our senses and imaginations. They energize the consciousness of connection rather than of separation.

They re-awaken the wonder of our universe story—that renewed sense of awe—the wow! --I'm a part of all this beauty and catastrophe-- it's happening all around and within me!!

"Awe and wonder are the primary spiritual qualities, the cure for our spiritual autism. Seeing the universe and the earth that gave us birth as sacred mysteries is key to turning the world around. If this fascination, this entrancement with life isn't evoked, then our children won't have the energies needed to sustain the sorrows inherent in our condition. They might never discover their true place in the vast world of time and space."

Thomas Berry,Cultural Historian and Eco-Theologian



The Sun and the Emerging Consciousness

draws on the very source of life on our planet, the Sun, to inspire this emergence of unified consciousness. Just as the earth is defined as a living organism, the Sun, too, through the film, becomes more than a fiery ball of matter in the heavens. It takes on multidimensional life and meaning. It becomes a portal back to an ancient wisdom when humanity had a more intimate relationship with the earth and stars. There was no separation between subject and object--humanity was part of a living, breathing organism--in constant communion with the forces and rhythms of nature.

The same sun shines in every eye

began taking shape within me in childhood. It was 1957, the Barnum and Bailey Circus, Madison Square Garden. The Ringmaster’s song-- "Open the window wide and let the sun in” captured the magic and wonder of the three rings and mainlined it to my heart.

I wanted to sing the song myself--to feel the fire and aliveness I felt that day--to feel the sun within me. My voice teacher, try as she did, could not find the music--it was not in the public domain. I remember the disappointment as the search was abandoned.

Yet when the heart has been touched, it remembers. And I have come to believe that that sun-drenched song, working its magic for decades in the subterranean levels of my psyche, has held a key to my destiny. It has helped me to connect dots of my life, moments throughout, where I was in some way "touched" by the sun.

The sun is the thread that has made sense and meaning out of my life

It was not until the mid-late 1990’s that my fascination with light and Sun Eye: painting by Marilyn Hardythe evolving story of our universe came into full consciousness. Explorations into Ecopsychology and Cosmology led to my series of “firebird” paintings, glowing with solar radiance. The series culminated in a large image of the sun, with an eye embedded in the center. The iris was the earth and a tiny sun was reflected in the eye. The eye in the sun and the sun in the eye. I knew it in some way pointed to my work in the world.

Like that dazzling moment when the sun bursts through a dark cloud, it dawned on me I had a story to tell, a vague but compelling path to follow. This path has taken me from the coast of Maine to the blazing desert of the Southwest--to synchronistic meetings with a wide range of people who are also pondering the bond with our luminous star at this perilous time in our world.

is an independent documentary film currently in development. Many hours of film footage and many interviews have been completed. More are planned and await additional resources. We are actively seeking individuals and institutions who see the value of this project at this time and wish to become a part of its realization. We need and welcome support on many levels including financial. All donations—large and small—are tax-deductible if made through our fiscal sponsor.