About Us: The Production Team, Crew, Consulants and Credits for the film, Song of the Sun

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The Production Crew

Marilyn Hardy: Executive Producer or Song of the Sun

My extensive professional background in the integrative health and education field since the late 70's, and more recently Ecopsychology, have contributed to the scope and vision of this production. However, deeper still, I believe this film has been gestating within me since childhood.

I have dedicated my life, in a very embodied way, to the understanding of "wholeness," exploring the interface of psyche and cosmos, and the evolution of consciousness. And now, with my deep concern about the perilous state of our planet, I feel I have something to contribute, and believe that the film medium is a powerful way to impact human consciousness.

In 2004, I moved from the coast of Maine to New Mexico, land of the Sun. I was fortunate to connect with LightWorks Media, whose film expertise and enthusiasm for my vision are making it possible to realize my dream.  Returning "home" to Maine in 2010, I am exploring various funding sources and preparing for the next phase of the project's development.

Patrick Bates: LightWorks Media, Inc. Co-Director, Song of the SunOver thirty years of experience in producing, directing and marketing effective, award-winning television programs. Over 10 years of experience teaching television and photography skills. As a Producer/Director, my primary professional goal is to use my expertise and creativity to create clear, engaging, media programs that tell a compelling story and cause viewers to broaden their understanding, modify their behavior, and, in the end, improve their relations and circumstances. As an instructor, my primary goals have been to teach my students the conceptual, technical and organizational skills needed to succeed in the professional worlds of video, film and photography.

Currently President of LightWorks Media, Inc., Santa Fe, NM, producing high-end training programs for business and industry. Programs are distributed to both national and international clients.

Film Awards:

Golden Addy
"It Didn't Need To Be" / Documentary

U.S. Film & Video
"It Didn't Need To Be" / Documentary

American Video Conference
"Refinishing Furniture" / Better Homes & Gardens

Shooting Star
"Deadly Force" / Bridgestone Firestone

Company of The Year - 1996
IA Chapter of American Society For Training and Development

Telly Awards
- "Refinishing Furniture" / Better Homes & Gardens
- “In The Fast Lane" / Bridgestone Firestone
- "Five Statements" / Public Service Announcement
- "Herd Health Dynamics" / Immuno-Dynamics, Inc.
- "The Inside Story" / Hy-Vee, Inc.
- “John’s Story” / Documentary
- "Sharpening Chisels & Plane Irons" / Woodsmith Publishing
- "The Hy-Vee Adventure" / Hy-Vee, Inc.

- "Volunteering: A Work Of Heart" / The ARC of Iowa
- “Hy-Vee Animated Open” / Hy-Vee, Inc.
- “If It Ain’t Broke” / Hy-Vee, Inc.
- “Helping America Smile” / Hy-Vee, Inc.

Iowa Film Awards
- “Take A Good Look” / Time Frame Productions, Inc.
- "Hy-Vee Brand Friendliness" / Hy-Vee, Inc.
- “The Gate Keeper” / Time Frame Productions, Inc.
- “Hands That Care” / Children’s Habilitation Center
- “1,000 Wishes” / Documentary
- “Pack That Sack” / Hy-Vee, Inc.

Worldfest Charleston
- "Sharpening Chisels & Plane Irons" / Woodsmith Publishing
- "Hy-Vee Adventure" / Hy-Vee, Inc.

Training Magazine
Reviewed with highest rating
“Ethics In Action: Six Pillars of Character” / Time Frame Productions, Inc.

Faye Bates, Assistant Producer

Over 25 years of experience in education, training and visual communication through writing and producing successful, award-winning television programs. Researching a subject and transforming a mass of information into a tightly focused and effective communication piece is both a challenge and an adventure. My goal is to always define the heart of my client’s issue, convey the program message with passion and clarity, and educate viewers in a way that enables them to improve both their life and their work experiences.

I am currently Writer and Producer at LightWorks Media, Inc., Santa Fe, NM, producing high-end training programs for business and industry. Programs are distributed to both national and international clients.

Ted MilesTed Miles has an extensive background in educational and informational media and documentary production. Ted is President of Expanded Video, Inc. an independent video production company. Many of his productions have been aired nationally and have won numerous awards including a New England Area Emmy for Best Public Service Documentary. EV's reel includes projects for L.L.Bean, Scott Paper, The State of Maine and Polaroid Corp.

His career in media began at Dartmouth College as Production Director of a two-way video and audio interactive medical teaching network. Since then he has run production facilities at Harvard University and independently produced broadcast programs for organizations such as Cambridge Forum, The Christian Science Monitor, the EPA and Oxfam America.

From 1995 to 2003, Ted was the Director of Production Services at Southern Maine Technical College where he produced programs for non-profit organizations throughout Maine. He also served as webmaster for the college and was involved in designing and creating an entire new college site as well as developing individual departmental sites. He now teaches video production and web site design at SMCC as well as consulting, training and producing for private clients.

David Aubrey, Cameraman, Song of the SunFor thirty years, David has been involved with hundreds of projects with an international scope, from documentaries to feature films, television programs & commercials, promotionals and music videos. 

Having worked as a film editor in Los Angeles and New York, he moved to Santa Fe in 1981 and continued to pursue the art and craft of both cinematography and editing.  He formed his own production company, Lightningwood Pictures, in 1984, working on a wide variety of programs for all distribution outlets. In 1993, he received an American Cinema Editors Nomination for Best Edited Documentary for Baraka.  He was director of photography and editor for the 1994 released music film, Toward the Within, featuring Dead Can Dance and the feature film, Soundman, 1998. 

Always seeking to peer around a new corner, most recent work has centered around a variety of preservation and sustainability subjects, from Peru and Ecuador to the Pueblo of Zia and our own backyard. Currently, he is completing editing on Kashf, a feature filmed in Pakistan. "To contribute through the art and craft of filmmaking is the best voice I can put forward." dea@lightningwood.com | www.lightningwood.com  

Matt SchulzeMatt Schulze is a cameraman, film editor, and production supervisor, and has ten years’ experience in video production. His credits include documentaries, nature and habitat videos, professional portfolios, event videos, and personal portraits for such diverse clients as ABC News, the Bureau of Land Management, and nonprofit organizations including Bioneers, the National Dance Institute, and Local Energy.

He has also worked with galleries and artists such as the Parks Gallery of Taos and Santa Fe artists Elias Rivera and Susan Contreras. A native of Germany, he has lived in New Mexico for 20 years and has a special interest in nature photography and environmental issues. He is fluent in German and English.

Courtney Jones, Cheaky Monkey Studios, AnimationCourtney Jones, Cheeky Monkey's managing partner, has 19 years film, television and commercial experience in Hollywood that he has brought with him to create Cheeky Monkey Studios. Mr. Jones has produced and/or directed projects for the likes of HBO, MTV, NBC and many others.

Cheeky Monkey Studios in Santa Fe, New Mexico helps clients create professional media by offering a complete and state-of-the-art studio for independent feature film and mainstream commercial producer. Cheeky Monkey's all-under-one-roof approach is unique in New Mexico. Email Courtney

Marjorie de Muynck: Soundtrack. Read more about Marjorie

Madi Sato: Vocal: "Sunflower". Read more about Madi

Criss Jay: Piano. Read more about Criss

Richard Knouse, Vocal: Open the Window Wide (John Ringling North)

Allie Redford (Hardy) is a wise and endearing elder--the much-loved Alethe (Allie) Redford, dogcompanion to Producer, Marilyn Hardy. Besides making a memorable appearance in the film, he has spent hours upon hours in the edit suite.

His film creds include his striking resemblance to his handsome namesake, well known in the world of independent filmmaking, and his command of the editorial floor.



Consultants to the Film

logo for GoodWorx Web & WordPress DesignEvery enterprise has a unique essence and vision—a soul—that sets it apart. Within these qualities resides the unique contribution that a person or group offers to the world. GoodWorx Web Design specializes in helping clients project soul and message through human scale, individualized Web design. At GoodWorx we especially seek clients whose work represents who they are and what they value--people and groups who offer important and responsible service to others— Individuals, groups and businesses that do good works. Contact GoodWorx

A hangover from her days as a Clinical Psychologist, one of Marcia's strengths is a challenging (and sometimes ornery) style --a creative friction--as she pushes clients (and others) to truth and clarity in their beliefs and message to the world.

What is consciousness? What is evolution? What is the evolution of Nancy McMillan and a statue of Archimedes sharing a momentconsciousness? And why is this important anyway?

Living a life actively into her seventh decade, Nancy McMillan, teacher, writer and hypnocoach, assists in the continuing development of thought, mind, choice and life, by offering local classes and individual sessions. For the last three years, it has been her honor to witness, question and engage in the dialogue from which has emerged as a vital and inspiring gift to the universe.

Nancy lives in Santa Fe with her partner, her fish, her flowers, birds, trees, skies and mountains. She's available at nancraigmc@yahoo.com.


Acknowledgments & Credits

We would like to thank the following for their contributions to :

Laurens van der Post: for his life long involvement with the African Bushmen, expressed through his beautiful and sensitive writings, and his dedication to preserving their culture.

Jane Goodall Institute for the footage of chimps at sunset.
Jane Goodall, PhD, DBE, Founder, the Jane Goodall Institute , UN Messenger of Peace

Linda Tucker: For her inspiring book, The Mystery of the White Lions: Children of the Sun God, and the trust she has set up to protect their precious lives: http://www.white-lions.co.uk/

NASA: deep space images.

Brian Swimme PhD, cosmologist: for his scientific and poetic capacity to re-awaken the wonder of our universe story.

Thomas Berry, Cultural Historian Eco-Theologian: for his beautiful perceptions of our universe and our place and role within it.