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A call to submit writings and images

Songs of the Sun:
Expressions of our poignant bond with the earth and stars.

An online journal and eventual book inspired by the film,

The invitation:

Songs of the Sun” is a collection of brief stories, poems, images, and reflections expressing the full range of our relationship with, and embeddedness in, the natural world. “Songs of the Sun” honors the sentience of all forms of life.

We are looking for expressions --from you--that reflect what it means to be a part of nature-- with both its light and its shadow, its beauty and its tragedy.

Its aim is to illuminate this permeable boundary--the interface of self and world, psyche and cosmos, where our personal lives intimately link-in, mirror, alter, and are altered by encounters with the more-than-human world. These are moments that elevate, inform, put us in our place, frighten, open the imagination, and call us to rise to the tremendous challenges that face all of us endangered species today.

Join in as we acknowledge, give expression to, and thus energize this vital, emerging interconnected consciousness. Our lives are depending upon it.

Submission Guidelines:

Material for Songs of the Sun need not have the Sun as a central theme. Any expression that links you with the cosmos, or expresses your relationship to the more-than-human world is welcome.

Written entries: Up to 1,000 words and submitted as a Microsoft Word-compatible document.

Images: JPEG

Please send your expression as an attachment to an email including a note of permission for fair use.

Send to:

Thank you in advance,

Marilyn Hardy
Film Producer: Editor: Songs of the Sun